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Land Surveyor Degree

Land surveyor degree - geomatics and engineering

Geomatics is a fairly new field, but has gained prominence in recent years due to its relevance in modern GPS devices and other scientific endeavors. Essentially, geomatics is the collection, interpretation, and reporting of geographical data as collected by satellites, sensors, and ground instruments. It is essential in the fields of cartography, surveying, global positioning, and remote sensing,...

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Land Surveyor Exam

Land surveyor exams - FS & PS exams for certification

The United States maintains high Land Surveying professional standards in order to protect the public's welfare. As such, all land surveyors are required by law to be licensed in order to practice. The process of securing your license varies from state to state. If you're in college pursuing an education that focuses on land surveying, it's a safe bet that your institution is aware of your jurisdiction's...

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Land Surveyor Seminars

Land surveyor seminars - continuing education

Seminars and workshops for land surveyors are abundant and varied. Most are designed to provide continuing education units (CEUs) for seasoned professionals. Many offer licensure and certificate review courses for novice land surveyors. Because each state licensure board for land surveyors requires different amounts and types of continuing education, professional land surveyors need to plan ahead...

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Land Surveyor Schools

Land surveyor schools - colleges and universities

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, professions in land surveying and geomatics have an exceptional outlook for growth and opportunity. If you are researching colleges or universities in the United States to earn a land surveying or geomatics degree, there are some important things you need to know and consider. In general, to become a licensed land surveyor or geomatic engineer,...

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Land Surveyor Education

Land surveyor education - courses, schools, degrees, exams

If you are interested in becoming a land surveyor you will need to get an education that may include a bachelor's degree from college. These courses usually last from two to four years. The courses you take will teach you the math and science that you will need to be familiar with while working with geographic landscapes. You will also be taught to analyze the information. To become a trained...

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Land Surveyor Certification

Land surveyor certification - becoming a professional

Land surveyors in the United States are certified professionals responsible for a wide range of information and services including determining boundaries of land, air space and water, property ownership, map-making, planning and organizing property development and creating legal descriptions for the land. Boundary Surveys, Construction Surveys, Hydrographic Surveys, Lot Surveys, and Topographic...

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