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Land Surveyor Education

If you are interested in becoming a land surveyor you will need to get an education that may include a bachelor's degree from college. These courses usually last from two to four years. The courses you take will teach you the math and science that you will need to be familiar with while working with geographic landscapes. You will also be taught to analyze the information.

To become a trained and licensed surveyor you will also need training in cartography, GIS software, graphing, blueprint reading, photogrammetry, charting and imaging. If you obtain your degree you will also need a license through the National Council of Examiners. Depending on which state you live in, you may also be required to have more then one type of license. You will need to pass the exam and begin a job on an entry level position. After working as an apprentice for four years you can go on to be a professional land surveyor.

Land Surveyor Education

Most land surveyors choose to work for engineering firms, architectural firms, regional government offices or private land surveillance companies. Getting your license is the most important step in becoming a professional. Once you get your license and have your on the job training, your job responsibilities as a land surveyor will include measuring and recording the earth's natural features, measuring the dimensions of man-made structures and determining and recording official land boundaries.

Some of the standard tasks and skills you will need to be able to perform are going to your assigned job location and take measurements that are needed. You will then be expected to write written reports of all of your findings. This is where your education will pay off because you will be expected to have knowledge of many different types of math. Algebra, , calculus, geometry and statistics will be included. You will need to have outstanding skills in communication and the ability to understand technical and/or legal documents. You will also need to exhibit the ability to work well with others, have a knowledge of computers and be able to deal with details.

Land Surveyor Education In United States

Some of the tools you will be utilizing are the highest tech instruments for exact precision. For measuring a property boundary an updated GPS will be needed. You will also need to be able to use GSI software.Becoming a land surveyor is a good job for anyone that enjoys being outside. You will have to go into all types of land areas in all types of weather conditions. You may be required to carry heavy equipment and walk for long distances. You will need to be in good physical condition to do this type of job.

The salary a land surveyor earns depends on his location and the amount of experience he has. Most make approximately $45,000 per year, although in northern states the pay is somewhat higher then it is in the southern states. There can be a difference of up to $60,000 per year depending on where you plan to work.

Land Surveyor Education Courses

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