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Land Surveyor Earnings

Over the last several years land surveyors have become a very popular profession that many businesses and consumers have began using on a consistent basis. This is someone who is licensed by the state that uses math, engineering and research to determine the most appropriate boundary lines. Where they are familiar with the different zoning laws, health regulations, building codes, planning and land regulations. They then apply these different regulations during the course of performing their duties to give you the most accurate determination of the boundaries of your property.

When should you hire a land surveyor and who hires them

Land surveyors are used for a wide variety of different purposes including: to determine what are the boundaries for a property purchased before a real estate transaction, they can tell you if different improvements that were made to property are on your side of the property line, they can tell you if the deed to the property is accurate and they can give the county clerk updates to the property deed once the survey is completed. In general, some of the different services that they offer include: boundary services, plot plans, GPS surveys, environmental impact studies and utility as well as pipeline surveys just to name a few. The different professionals as well as individuals that hire land surveyors would include: homeowners, architects, engineers, lawyers, real estate agents, trust companies, construction companies and title companies.

Land Surveyor Earnings

General prices for professional land surveying services

When you are having a professional survey completed there are many different factors that will determine what price you are paying these would include: the age of the property, if the property is located with in a subdivision, how much research has to be completed when they are researching the deed, the shape of the property, the geographic features of the property, accessibility to the property, what physical features of the property could be used to aid the surveyor and the season that you are having the property surveyed. These different factors mean that it could be difficult providing clients with a traditional fixed cost estimate. Instead, what you want to do is receive an estimate from the land surveyor that will provide you with the maximum price that you can expect, how these different costs were determined and an approximate date that the survey will be complete with the date that they will be submitting their report to the country clerks office.

Land Surveyor Job Payments

Independent land surveyors versus those working for corporations

When you are ready to hire a land surveyor you must determine which one would work well for your situation. In general the independent land surveyors works for themselves, this means that they could be willing to provide you with a more competitive price while doing a more complete survey. However, before you hire any independent land surveyor you want to make sure that they are bonded and that the tools that they are using to perform the survey are as technologically advanced as possible. While those surveyors that work for corporations are more than likely constrained by company policy and the price for performing the survey could be a little more. However, they more than likely will have state of the art tools to perform the survey and these corporations have been bonded for the last several years.

Clearly hiring a land surveyor can be challenging and confusing, however, by understanding when you should hire a land surveyor, who uses them, the price of surveying services and if you should work with an independent or corporate surveyor will help you be able to determine which land surveyor will work well for your situation. This means that you can have the most accurate survey completed while saving money at the same time.

Land Surveyor Service Rates And Fees

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