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Land Surveyor Employment

Surveyors are hired for jobs in surveying land, using their skills in mapping, geography and boundary locations. Surveyors use a combination of surveying equipment, satellites, and arial photographs taken from planes and helicopters to survey the land. Land surveyors are responsible for finding formations on the surface of the land such as tectonic plates and the locations and borders of important wetlands. Finding boundaries for land formations such as wetlands is important because wetlands are necessary to protect in our environment. Land surveyors have a truly important job which helps all of humanity and the environment, as they also look for formations on the land such as hazardous waste locations which can harm animals and people.

Surveyors also have the abilities to map the polar ice caps, which is so important to do especially with today's global warming. Regular surveying of polar ice caps allows the surveyors to detect patterns in melting ice caps and rising water levels. Another problem in today's world is the deforestation of certain rain forests. Land surveyors use their equipment to map these areas and determine what the status is of the forest areas, where, and how much of the forests are being cleared. This is important because the rain forests are also important to the balance of the environment and deforestation can kill the habitat for animals causing them to become endangered. Because land surveyors map these locations on a regular basis, they can discover patterns in the environment and the land.

Land Surveyor Employment Opportunities

There are all types of employers looking to hire surveyors. There are federal governments, local governments, and state governments looking to hire surveyors for jobs. Within these governments include the Bureau of Land Management, the US Geological Survey, Coast Survey, and Forest Services. All of these groups are looking to hire surveyors to work for them. Land surveyors don't have to just work with the natural environment but can also get jobs in the surveying of land which has to do with planning of construction sites and building projects. Surveyors can also work with transportation agencies like with railroads, highways, and major roads. Surveyors an even work with urban planning, which is the surveying of cities and major metropolitan areas. There are many private land surveyors who are looking to hire land surveyors who work locally and do not work for the state government or for the federal government.

Land Surveyor Employment In United States

There are jobs available for land surveyors in almost every state of the United States because of the necessity for urban planning and working with highways, roads and railroads. The Western United States is a great place to look for jobs as a surveyor because the land formations and movements with the mountain ranges is constantly changing, as well as urban areas which are being built up. Any state with a coast line will always be looking for surveyors to work for the Coast Survey. The best places to look for a job as a surveyor is in forested areas, states with coastline, and urban areas.

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