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Land Surveyor Jobs

A land surveyor is a person who has the qualification through a college education, graduating with a degree in Science and Land Surveying or a similar degree, to measure surfaces of land using the state-of-the-art technology that is available. Land surveying jobs involve conducting land surveys to determine lines of property, and to find locations to construct things like roads, lots, streets, etc. The surveyor's job also involves detailed measuring of structures like lakes, ponds and streams as well as certain air spaces. The findings of a surveyor are legally placed into documents like deeds and leases and are often presented in courts of law as exhibits for pros and cons or disputes of proposed projects within a state or county. Some land surveying jobs involve looking at and researching legal documents for prior indications of where boundary lines fall to make sure that the findings put forth by an interested party are exact as well as legitimate. The surveyor will create maps and file reports to document their findings.

All land surveying job applicants must be licensed in the state they are applying for a position in. To do this, most applicants will take tests and train while on the job and become state certified after passing a final State Board Certification exam.

Land Surveyor Jobs

Common reasons to hire a land surveyor include buying or selling property; adding additions to property - like a fence, garden, pool, home addition, etc.; subdivision requests; request for mortgage or for refinancing and for an property owner's general peace of mind regarding the boundaries of their property.

Land surveying jobs require that a surveyor generally work a five day week and eight hours a day. An applicant must love being outdoors under all weather conditions, although most work is performed when there are no storms in the area. An applicant must be in good physical shape as there is a lot of climbing and carrying heavy equipment involved in the job. Land surveyors also spend time doing office work like preparing maps and charts, to present their findings. they must get along with people and willing to be part of a team in many related job activities.

Land Surveyor Job Opportunities

A career in land surveying affords a salary of anywhere from $25,000 to more than $85,000. Salaries depend on the state that the job is available in, as well as the training and experience an applicant has. As an example, according to, the average salary of a surveyor in Virginia is roughly $40 thousand a year. Jobs are most often available in architectural firms, real estate companies, and for Federal and State agencies.

Some surveyors are self employed and work on a contracted basis. Often times self employed surveyors do boundary surveys for home owners and base their fees on legal facts about the property. They may offer a flat fee for their services, or give an estimate based on the property in question. The cost depends on what needs to be done and how long it will take. Fees can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so it is always wise to get an estimate.

Land Surveyors Working

It is expected that opportunities for land surveying jobs will increase each year, so the opportunities and earning potentials are expected to rise. To find land surveying jobs, just look for job listing under local state and government agencies online. Jobs can also be found by contacting local real estate agencies and architectural firms. The Internet lists literally hundreds of land survey jobs. Simply search for 'land surveying jobs' using one of many popular search engines. Land surveying jobs will be listed by states, opportunities and types of surveying positions available.

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