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Topographic Land Surveyors

Land surveyors have very important jobs and are an integral part of every modern civilizations society. With land surveying being such as large subject area, many choose to specialize in a particular area of land surveying – such as topographic land surveying which we shall look at in more detail in today’s guide.

What is a Topographic Land Survey?

Land surveying is a very intricate study area and it is used for a range of different purposes. Essentially land surveying is the mathematical process of mapping the land.

So what is a topographic land survey? Topographic land surveys look specifically at locating topographic features, both natural and man-made, of the land.

There are a range of reasons why a topographic land survey may need to be conducted. Often they are required by government agencies and by engineers and architects to help design or develop a new building site.

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What do Topographic Land Surveyors do?

Topographic land surveyors use tools and techniques to create topographic surveys. There are a range of methods they use to do this, most of which are based around the fundamental principles of mathematics and physics.

In conjunction with mathematical methods, they use elaborate tools and equipment to ensure that their topographic land surveys are as accurate and precise as possible.

Topographic land surveyors use their tools to measure the elevation of various points across a specified piece of land. They can then plot these points onto a piece of paper to create contour lines that illustrate the shape of the land and produce a topographic land survey.

They have to be able to produce topographic land surveys to different scales and levels of detail to suit their clients’ needs. Some of the features they will include on their survey include buildings, trees, fences, surfaces, levels, roads and more.

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Qualifications to be a Topographic Land Surveyors

Topographic land surveyors are highly skilled and require a significant amount of training before they can become qualified as a topographic land surveyor.

To become a topographic land surveyor you must first study to be a land surveyor and then specialize. Most topographic land surveyors can perform all types of land surveys including geodetic, hydrographic and cadastral surveys.

Many colleges across the USA offer surveying and/or geomatics degrees. After completion of a degree you must then become licensed by the state in which you work. The licensing regulations vary between states, and you must be licensed in each state that you want to work.

Hiring Topographic Land Surveyors

There are many benefits to hiring a topographic land surveyor, whether you are a large private company or simply developing your own land.

Topographic land surveyors work both independently and through land surveyor companies. There are thousands of topographic land surveyors working across the USA so you won’t have difficulty finding one.

The cost of topographic land surveyors varies depending on a variety of factors. Often they will charge an hourly rate in conjunction with the type and difficulty of the survey that you need conducting. Speak to several topographic land surveyors in your area and ask for a quote.

Ensure that before hiring a topographic land surveyor that they are licensed and experienced. Typically, the more experience they have at working in your specific area the quicker they can complete the job and the more accurate it will be.

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