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Land Surveyor Career

In tough economic times many people find themselves searching for a new career path. Whether you are changing careers or are deciding on a career for the first time, becoming a surveyor can provide you with a comfortable income in a field where there is relatively high demand. While surveying jobs have been considered in high demand for quite some time, the demand has increased due to the current economic situation in America. Many landowners and investors have found that in order to maintain their lifestyle they must part with some or all of their property. For this reason, surveyors are finding themselves with an influx of business and the current job market for qualified surveyors is at its peak.

A surveyor, sometimes referred to as a land surveyor, is responsible for accurately measuring (surveying) land in order to plot out exact locations and distance between points. A surveyor must accurately indicate land elevations, property lines, land contour for development, to divide land, or many other purposes. A surveyor must have the ability to understand surveys conducted by previous surveyors in order to implement these surveys with his or her current findings. A surveyor must have the ability to accurately and precisely record his or her findings and keep records of such findings.

Land Surveyor Career

A land surveyor may have many job duties associated with the actual survey of the land. A land surveyor must interact with government agencies to ensure accurate recordkeeping. Surveyors may be hired by landowners or real estate brokers to correctly divide property and mark property lines. A land surveyor is responsible for taking accurate measurements and recording the exact land layout in order to assist in the production of maps, graphs, or other documents. A surveyor may be called upon from time to time to attest or swear under oath in judicial proceedings that the information contained and collected is true and accurate regarding boundaries, elevations, lines, and markings.

Land surveyors must be licensed in the state in which they will be conducting business. Each state implements its own regulations regarding the licensure of surveyors. Some states require a degree from an accredited university, while other states only require surveyor license applicants to take an assessment determining their knowledge on the subject. A Bachelors degree or Associates degree in Applied Science is available from most universities. The assessment given by the states that do not require licensure often requires vast knowledge of surveying. It is recommended that anyone wishing to become a licensed surveyor first work with a surveying firm to learn the trade. Many sources indicate that it can take up to 5 years of apprentice work before one is equipped with the knowledge needed to pass assessments given by the state.

Land Surveyor Career Opportunities

A surveyor's salary can differ depending on the part of the country in which he or she works. The average salary for a land surveyor is $70,000. Beginning salaries usually start in the $40,000 range and those with extensive experience can earn as much as $150,000 per year. Location plays a large role in determining the salary for surveyors.

Surveying careers are in high demand and market forecasts show that there will be no slump in the near future. Those with a knack for math and a love for the outdoors seem to fare well is this career. To determine the specific requirements for becoming a land surveyor in your state, check with you local government for state specific regulations.

Land Surveyor Career

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