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Land Surveyor Insurance

Land is one of the few earthly possessions an individual can own that always retains value. For that reason, land surveyors are frequently hired to set property boundaries so that each property owner knows exactly how much land he or she owns. There is a great of room for a land surveyor to make mistakes due to the complexities of the job. This is why it is gravely important for a land surveyor to have insurance coverage.

Many firms provide insurance to their land surveyors to protect them in case mistakes are made. However, it is essential to the well-being of the careers of land surveyors to carry their own insurance policies to ensure that they always have adequate coverage in case of an accident. Given that firms are in the business to turn a profit, they sometimes opt for inadequate insurance coverage for their land surveyors in order to cut down on spending. A land surveyor's career and reputation is worth too much to jeopardize it to save a few pennies.

Land Surveyor Insurance

Though land surveyors are generally professionals and rarely make mistakes that are cause for litigation, some mistakes are relatively common in the field. Miscalculating where the property lines should be is one of the most common mistakes since it can occur with a single math error. Sometimes construction workers change their minds on how they are going to build or where they are going to construct. When this happens the land surveyor should be brought back to the scene of the project to recalculate the land. However, this sometimes does not happen, sometimes due to the schedule of the land surveyor and his or her inability to go back out to the job site and sometimes due to the construction company not knowing that it was supposed to arrange for the land surveyor to return to the site. In either case, this frequently leads to miscalculations of property lines and construction placement. Though it may be viewed as a mistake of the construction company involved lawyers are rarely going to stop at one defendant and will likely try to bring as many parties into court as they think they could possibly win a suit again.

Insurance For Land Surveyor

Occasionally land surveyors do their jobs perfectly and make no mistakes with their calculations yet still make mistakes with the final project. This is generally due to equipment malfunctions. Most everything has grown more complex with the advancement of technology and land surveying is no exception to this rule. Most land surveyors never go out into the field without a GPS unit. Though GPS units are usually accurate, they do sometimes malfunction like every other piece of equipment. User error is more common than equipment malfunction when dealing with equipment used by land surveyors which is part of the reason that so many people rush to blame the land surveyor and forget that the equipment could have some problems. This furthers the necessity for land surveyors to purchase and maintain valid insurance to protect them against litigation should they become personally liable for a mistake.

Land Surveyor Insurance

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