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Texas Professional Land Surveyors

texas land surveyors

Land Surveying is well known for being the second oldest profession and it is all about measuring and mapping land.

Every US state has its own licensing board that sets all the rules and regulations for each state. Board that regulates land surveyors in Texas is called Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying.

The Board regulates and controls standards of registered and licensed surveyors. If requirements are not met the Board will investigate complaints and suspend or remove a license as necessary.

Another very important activity of the Board is to prepare and issue a list of licensed and registered surveyors as well as inform public about new land surveying regulations.

Opportunities for professional land surveyors are endless. Professional Texas land surveyors that are members of Texas Society of Professional Surveyors, earn on average annually $84,396. Texas registered professional land surveyors, licensed for 5 year or less, earn on average $77,383 and for those licensed 5 years or more the average salary is about $87,099.

Texas land surveyors are the most important part in land development across the country. Every new building and construction work requires proper and detailed land survey before any work can start. Demand for registered professional land surveyors has increased but number of registered surveyors in Texas significantly decreased which makes this profession even more interesting. High demand for Texas land surveyors and services they offer and lower resource of the professionals in this field gives endless opportunities to Texas land surveyors whether they want to work for government agencies, surveying companies or set up their own business.

Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying requires from each candidate that wants to become a professional land surveyor to study for at least 4 years at any collage and must take a degree. Texas land surveyor candidates are also required to take at least 32 hours or courses related to surveying.

We have prepared list of some colleges/universities that offer land surveying, GIS or Surveying related courses and degree plans

Austin Community College
Austin Community College
Dallas County Community College DistrictDallas County Community College District Houston Community College System
Houston Community College System
Montgomery College Land Surveying ProgramMontgomery College Land Surveying Program
San Antonio College San Antonio

San Jacinto College San Jacinto College

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Texas A&M Corpus Christi Texas State Technical College Texas State Technical College
Tyler Jr College Tyler Junior College University of Houston University of Houston UT-Tyler UT-Tyler Odessa College Odessa College


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