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Land Surveying Equipment

Land surveyor equipment - modern technology in land surveying

Land surveying instruments have a long history. Since the concept of boundaries came into existence, then the pyramids of Egypt, when buildings reached massive proportions, land surveying instruments played a critical role in the location and construction of virtually every plot of land was divided, and every building erected ever since. American history still acknowledges the great surveyors in...

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Land Surveying Robots

Land surveyor robots - advanced technology of the future

Surveying has been around for a very long time. It is known as the second oldest profession and men have been practicing it since early 3000 BC. It was used in ancient Egypt when they built the pyramids, and was used by the Roman Empire to establish tax registers of conquered lands. Surveying requires a skill in mathematics and was one of the first professions to be licensed. Shades of Asimov,...

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Land Surveying GPS

Land surveyor GPS - Global Positioning System

The technique widely known as land surveying has been in use for centuries and is known as the second oldest profession humanity has ever conceived. Because humans always had the need to know exactly where they were located and accurately determine their position in the planet, surveying was created back in ancient Egypt with the use of rope extensions and the applications of uncompounded geometry....

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Land Surveyor Tools

Land surveyor tools -  guide and reviews

Surveyors tools are basically any device that doesn't necessarily require a specialized skill set to use. A total station is a very sophisticated device that takes extensive training and knowledge to operate with the degree of precision required to meet the standards expected by either legal restrictions and regulations, the client, or both. Given the distinction, there is a difference between...

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Land Surveyor Kit

Land surveyor kit - tools and instruments for land surveying

A professional land surveyors kit is easy to find on the internet. If you have to buy one yourself, you want to know what to look for. You may be lucky and be supplied with one from your employer. If you are not in that lucky category however, read on to learn how to find a professional land surveyors kit. If you are a beginner, you want a beginners all in one tool. This would be the GIS for Surveyors...

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Land Surveyor Software

Land surveyor software - computer aided design and more

The work of the land surveyor is to gather data in the field, using precise measurement instruments, to ultimately produce a graphic and legal description of property. This information is gathered, mapped, recorded and then, re-gathered, re-mapped and rerecorded as the ownership of, characteristics of and laws governing land ownership and management change. These days, it is hard to imagine this...

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Land Surveyor Instruments

Land surveyor instruments - measuring, recording, analyzing

For centuries upon centuries, mankind has been employing various techniques to survey the land around them. Even as far back as the building of the pyramids in Ancient Egypt, people have been using varied and archaic means of surveying the land. Land surveying has been done in many different ways over the decades and some of the oldest means of measuring included using lengths of chain to measure...

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